How to unlock an Apple Watch locked by iCloud

How to unlock an Apple Watch locked by iCloud

If by any chance you have bought a second hand Unlock Apple Watch Locked iCloud , I know how it feels because it has happened to me and it is very frustrating. But I tell you not to worry in this article we will teach you step by step how to unlock your apple watch and make it work again. You must follow each step to unlock your apple watch successfully and if you want the free tool you can download it at the end of the post.

Why is my apple watch locked by iCloud?

An Unlock Apple Watch Locked iCloud for several reasons, the most common is when the device is registered with an apple ID account and the previous owner forgot to delete it before selling the apple watch. The other way is that the person finds the watch and it has been reported stolen, and apple has enabled the iCloud lock feature so that no one else has access to the device.

Verify iCloud lock status

You must verify the iCloud lock status of the apple watch before any unlock attempt, to do this follow these steps.

  1. Turn on the Apple Watch and wait for it to fully charge.
  2. Swipe up from the home screen to access the Control Center.
  3. Look for the «Find My iPhone» icon (a magnifying glass inside a circle) and tap to open it.
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If a message appears indicating that the Unlock Apple Watch Locked iCloud, you will need to unlock it before you can use it.

Verify legal ownership

If you bought a second hand apple watch and it has the iCloud activation lock, you will have to make sure that you bought it from a trusted person, and the device was not stolen so that you will not have any problems later on.

Contact the original owner

If the watch you bought in good faith and it is still blocked by iCloud I recommend you contact the former owner and ask them to unlink or remove the apple watch from their iCloud account by following the steps.

  1. From an iOS device, open the «Find My» app.
  2. Select the «Devices» tab.
  3. Find the Apple Watch in the list and select it.
  4. Tap «Remove from Account» and confirm this action.

Request unlocking from Apple

If you were unable to contact the previous owner of the watch or they were unable to help you I recommend that you request the unlocking of the apple watch directly to apple here are the steps to follow.

  1. Visit the official Apple support website (
  2. Navigate to the «Support» section and select «Contact».
  3. Choose your region and follow the instructions to contact Apple Support.

Explain your situation and provide all relevant information about the device and its purchase.

Apple will review your request and, if they determine that you are the rightful owner, they may be able to help you unlock the Apple Watch.

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How to Unlock Apple Watch Locked iCloud with free tool 2024

Loucastle Dedicated server is a free tool that can remove iCloud activation lock permanently on any iPhone , ipad and apple watch , available on iOS 17. This software that works using a dedicated VPS server download it and unlock your device.


An Unlock Apple Watch Locked iCloud can be a tricky situation, but with patience and diligence, there is a chance to unlock it. It is important to verify the legitimacy of the purchase and, if necessary, contact the original owner or seek assistance from Apple. Remember that honesty and transparency are key in this process. If you finally manage to unlock your Apple Watch, you will fully enjoy all its functions and features. Good luck!


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