iCloud Unlock Free 2024 – Can I use it on my locked iPhone and iPad?

iCloud Unlock Free 2024 – Can I use it on my locked iPhone and iPad?

If you want to buy a used iPhone , and it is locked with the previous owner iCloud account, unfortunately you will not be able to use that device until you can delete iCloud account. I recommend you to use free iCloud unlocking tools that work flawlessly. should you trust these tools ?

Can you trust iCloud Unlock Free 2024 ?

Removing iCloud activation lock on an iPhone and iPad is something that many iCloud unlocking tools claim , at least there are many that do not perform such a function and it is not that easy to do.

Hacking an icloud account or unlocking iCloud for free online , may be something easy , but it is not many iCloud removal tools are lies and may be a scam.

Numerous websites promote their free iCloud unlock software , which according to them can remove iCloud activation lock with previous owner claiming that.

  • Your free service tool can remove iCloud lock from device with previous owner ID .
  • They offer a real service and are not a scam.
  • Its service works on any device such as iPhone and iPad and works in lost, clean and even blacklist mode.

If one of these sites offer you a free unlocking service , you should look carefully what to do as you can be scammed there is only one reliable free tool and there are many paid tools that do not work and are just scammers , there are sites that charge to remove iCloud activation lock but are unsuccessful.

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Free iCloud unlocking method.

The moment you turn on the iPhone found and it is locked with icloud , it will be stuck on the icloud lock screen , you must enter the Apple ID and password, sometimes it usually appears data of the previous owner.

If you want to unlock the device you should contact the owner of the iPhone .

If you want to help him these are the steps you should do to unlock the device

  1. Sign in to iCloud.com with your Apple ID.
  2. Navigate to Find iPhone.
  3. Select All devices in the top corner of the screen.
  4. Choose the device they want to remove from iCloud.
  5. If necessary, they can opt to Delete (Device).
  6. Select Remove from account.

After the previous owner has performed these steps turn the device off and on and start setting up the device with your Apple ID.


Second step of free iCloud unlocking with Loucastle Dedicated Server tool.

Loucastle is a free software that remove iCloud activation lock permanently , it works using a VPS unlock server , this tool I recommend it to you as it unlocked my iPhone 14 safely and remove iCloud from root.

To unlock your device with our tool just follow the steps below:

  1. Download the tool
  2. Connect the device and verify that it is supported
  3. register the Imei number on our Dedicated VPS Server
  4. Press Activate Now and wait for your device to be unlocked.

This Loucastle Dedicated Server tool works for MEID AND GSM devices and is compatible with any iOS including iOS 17.4.

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iCloud unlocking tool » pay «

There are other options to remove iCloud lock from your iPhone , you may consider a quick way. AppleiPhoneUnlock is a tool that removes icloud , but I have done some research and found that it does not really work as you know say . A friend placed the order to unlock an iPhone 13 , the price was too high he did not get his device unlocked. He contacted support and they did not even give him a strong answer I dare say that this tool Apple iPhone Unlock and their other tool called iPhoneIMEI are scammers , they do not provide the correct information and live stealing money from all users who want to remove iCloud activation lock.



For users who have bought a second hand iPhone or have found it, and when restoring it we get the iCloud activation lock with previous owner, I recommend you to read well and check the free unlocking tools. There are many iCloud unlocking tools that do work but the cost is too high in my experience I recommend Loucastle Dedicated Server, which worked very well on my phone and unlocked it successfully for free.


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