How To Delete iCloud Account iPhone / iPad Without Password 5 ways

How To Delete iCloud Account iPhone / iPad Without Password 5 ways

What if you buy a used iPhone or iPad from the market, but find out that it is locked by iCloud activation lock? It would certainly be frustrating and you won’t be able to remove it as easily as with the lock screen. Now you may be thinking, is there any method to Delete iCloud Account iPhone Without Password

Of course there is. Here I will show you the top 5 services to Delete iCloud Account iPhone Without Password. But before we move on to talk about how to remove iCloud lock from iPad, you should know that Apple facilitates its users with an iCloud lock feature that was introduced in iOS 7 and is now available for all iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple Watch). and Mac).

At the end of the article, you will find the tool Loucastle Dedicated server iCloud removal software on iPhone / iPad for free.

5 ways to Delete iCloud Account iPhone without password with paid tools

The iCloud lock feature protects your iOS device from third party use in case of theft. If «Find My iPhone» is enabled on your iDevice, the iCloud activation lock screen will appear after a factory reset. The iCloud lock can also be locked when you forget your iCloud password, so let’s talk about iCloud lock removal services one by one.

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1.PassFab Activation Unlock

It is one of the best and reliable activation unlockers that prevents iCloud activation lock on your iPad/iPhone/iPod devices. Below, I will show you a detailed guide on how to unlock iCloud with PassFab Activation Unlocker. If you are looking for a free iCloud lock removal tool to download, please visit PassFab official website.

2. Tenorshare 4MeKey

It is another iCloud lock removal utility that allows you to undo iCloud lock on iOS devices without previous Apple ID and password. Moreover, it is compatible with all iPhone devices from 5s to X and is fully compatible with devices running iOS 12-14. Tenorshare 4MeKey offers a free trial version with limited features; however, you can purchase the premium version to unlock all features.

3. Apple iPhone Unlock

This iCloud lock removal tool requires you to select your country, SIM card provider, IMEI number and the payment method you want to use. It only works if your iOS device has a clean iCloud status, i.e. it does not work for stolen or lost devices.

4. iPhoneIMEI

It has the power to remove iCloud activation lock using an approved method. Although some other iPad iCloud lock removal tools bypass iCloud lock using IMEI, this one guarantees a proven process.

It’s simple. Just enter the IMEI number, iPhoneIMEI will detect the iPhone model and remove the current account. After that, a new iCloud account can be set up.

5. IMIEDoctor

This is another one of the best iCloud lock removal services. Like iPhoneIMEI and AppleiPhoneUnlock, IMIEDoctor can also Delete iCloud Account iPhone Without Password using IMEI number. Pay a small fee to permanently unlock an iOS device within three days.

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Delete iCloud Account iPhone / iPad without password with free software

Loucastle Dedicated server is a free software, which manages to Delete iCloud Account iPhone Without Password, securely and quickly. You can download it at the end of the article.

You may want to get information about removing iCloud lock.

Q1: Does a factory reset remove the iCloud lock?

No, a factory reset or restore only unlocks your home screen password and does not give you access to your iCloud account. However, with PassFab’s iCloud lock removal, you can bypass the iCloud activation lock in a matter of minutes.

Q2: How can I restore my iPhone when it is locked?

First, put your iPhone into recovery mode. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Open iTunes and you will be asked if you want to restore or update your iPhone. Click Restore and follow the instructions to restore your iPhone.

Q3: Is it possible to unlock a locked iPhone via iCloud?

Yes, you can remove iPhone/iPad activation lock without password using iCloud lock removal services such as PassFab Activation Unlock, Tenorshare 4MeKey, iPhoneIMEI, etc.


As you can see, some iPhone iCloud lock removal services take more than 24 hours to remove iPhone/iPad activation lock without password; however, with Loucastle Dedicated Server Activation Unlock , you can remove iCloud account/Apple ID in a few minutes while respecting your privacy. If you want to Delete iCloud Account iPhone Without Password also works for iPad, Loucastle Dedicated Server Activation Unlock is your best choice.


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