How To Bypass iPhone Lost Mode Withoud Password 2024

How To Bypass iPhone Lost Mode Withoud Password 2024

Yesterday I met with a friend of mine and he told me that he had lost his iPhone 14 Pro Max , he recommended him to activate the lost mode , this morning he called me saying that he had found it at his workplace but now he can’t use it, so » how can I avoid bypass  iPhone lost mode «.

The lost mode has been one of the best features to access when find my iPhone is enabled, many people who have an Apple product such as iPhone or iPad are in difficult situations by the loss of a device, and do not know how to bypass  iPhone lost mode without password here we explain how.


What is the lost method on iPhone

Some Apple users who enable find my iPhone can sign in to their iCloud account and enable lost mode. What happens if lost mode is enabled.

  • Notifications do not appear and no audible alerts are played. This includes phone calls, text messages and any installed applications.
  • You have the opportunity to remotely add a message to the iPhone screen (for example, a message explaining that you lost your iPhone and your contact information).

With this result you will not be able to use your device , until you can disable the lost mode from your iCloud account, there are people who find that this does not work and require to skip the iPhone lost mode.

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Unlock & bypass iPhone lost mode without password or passcode


If you have a lot of difficulties to disable iPhone lost mode and need to bypass it and you have the passcode you should try some options like these.

Enter passcode to unlock lost mode

One of the easiest ways to bypass  iPhone lost mode is to enter the iCloud account passcode .

Bypass iPhone Lost Mode via iCloud

To bypass iPhone lost mode using your iCloud account here are the steps if you don’t know how to do it.

Step 1 . Open an Internet browser and go to .

Step 2 . Sign in with the same iCloud account you use on your iPhone. This may require you to enter a verification code that appears on your iPhone.

Step 3 . From the iCloud launcher, click on the «Find iPhone» function.

Step 4 . Click on «All devices» at the top of the screen and select your iPhone.

Step 5 . In the device box that appears, click the Lost Mode icon.

Step 6 . Finally, click on «Stop Missing Mode» and then it will be deactivated.

Forgot your password or access code? You can skip the lost mode

If you were looking for an article on how to know your password to bypass  iPhone lost mode , here is what you should know.

The best way to bypass lost mode is using Bypass iCloud , that’s the best way , since you don’t know the password.

The best free tool to bypass iPhone lost mode is Loucastle Dedicated Server.

Our working group has made this tool in order to help iPhone users to bypass lost mode and don’t know the passcode or password, our software also bypasses and remove iCloud activation lock permanently. This software works using a Dedicated VPS server for unlocking and is compatible with any iOS.

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These are our advantages

  • Remotely unlock iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch lost mode
  • Allows you to deactivate Lost Mode within a maximum of 3 days
  • You can also remove iCloud activation lock.
  • Prompt and polite customer service team.
  • Reasonably priced services that are affordable for everyone.
  • Simple process that does not require any intervention on your part

Tenorshare 4MeKey Lost Mode Skip Software without Password

Doing research on this Tenorshare 4MeKet tool I have realized that it does not work 100%, as many people have complained that it is too expensive, and does not work properly. Users who have made their payments have told me that they have not made their respective unlocks and the support does not help them at all, I tell them not to fall for this scam with this tool. First you should seek advice and find good unlocking tools.


Lost mode is not one of the features that you will use on a regular basis, but it is definitely a feature that you will appreciate if you need to use it. If this is followed by the need to use an bypass  iPhone lost mode, then you have the above solutions to fall back on.


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